Customer Testimonials

Mar 8, 2015

I use SendLater. Thus far I have been very happy with the product. It meets my needs and allows me to set up reminders for different personnel in different departments. Also, it was cost effective. The service is excellent.

James R., USA

May 30, 2014

Great tool to communicate with my colleagues in different time zone. It makes my life so easier. I know that my email will be in the top of all their inbox's and answer to my email will be received much earlier.

Jennifer R., USA

February 19, 2014

Helpful in more than one way. Recommended. Good to have tech support that knows what they are doing! Tyler was excellent in helping me with my problem! Everything is working smoothly so far. Thanks!

Morgan P., USA

June 19, 2013

I've purchased the Pro version after I tried the Free one for a few days! I find it very useful to set up scheduled emails. I want to keep a close connection with my clients while travelling, so I use this add-on a lot. Plus, the DocTrack feature for me is probably the reason that I bought the Pro version! I haven't found that anywhere else and it's so useful, at least for me and my colleagues.

Stefan L., Germany

June 24, 2013

I'm using this program to run my email marketing campaign. I set up a few recurring emails which i want to send in the next 2-3 weeks and i just schedule the emails. I do this in a couple of hours and then i don't have to worry about for quite a long time til i set up the next emails! Awesome tool!!

Linda W., USA

Apr 16, 2013

It's just what i needed, a good way of sending emails to people when i'm not at my computer. this is a great software for setting up scheduled emails and it has some really nice features included too.

Alex T., USA

Sep 15, 2011

This software is great!!!! I was setting up e-mails for future delivery in literally no time. Wonderful. Why can't all programs be this seamless to install and use? While having used the software for a short time, I have not thought of any immediate improvements. If any come to mind, I will certainly share with you.

Carl Welhener, USA

Sep 9, 2011

Thanks for the opportunity to respond on behalf of your software. I have used it once and it appears to work great.

Tom Boyer, USA

Aug 23, 2011

I thought it was a great program. I actually downloaded it as a test for a client who was requesting this sort of ability. I have recommended that they go ahead and purchase.

Donna, USA

Aug 12, 2011

SendLater is truly a tool that enhances my personal productivity. I work for Lockheed Martin as a project manager of 20+ project managers and as such I continuously send email reminders as well as progress reports. This tool has allowed be to completely automate these tasks that I have to perform manually each day... The grab feature is truly powerful. All I have to do now is update my progress reports and not worry about the distribution... As a software developer, I always assume, before I begin to develop, if I have a thought of a productivity aid then someone else must have also. This is what led me to search for a tool that does what Sendlater does most eloquently. I especially like how you use the existing reoccurring dialog box that is used for meeting setups minimizing ramp up time.
Thanks for the work on this product.

Robinson, Earl E., USA

Jul 21, 2004

...What is it and how does it work? With SendLater, you can schedule any e-mail message to be sent out at any time you choose. Each time you reply or create a new e-mail message, you can choose the time and recurrence for Outlook (2000 and later) to send the message. Just click the "Send Later" icon on the message toolbar and select the sending time and recurrence using a time and date selector. Your message will be saved in the "Send Later" folder in Outlook and sent exactly at the time of your choosing. And at any time, you can open the "Send Later" folder and edit, remove, or send your messages manually. So you can write your e-mail messages, figure out when you want to send them, and then relax. Ahhhhhh.
...Why would I need it? Some of you just can't seem to remember your mother's birthday (shame on you!). And others of you want to send out an e-mail that makes it look like you're hard at work but really on the slopes (good for you! I mean, shame on you!). In other words, if your memory isn't what it used to be (or even if it never was), or if you want to send out e-mail messages with a Friday afternoon date on them that you're really composing on Monday, SendLater is your indispensable tool. Never miss another birthday, send out monthly billing notifications (to others or yourself), and schedule repetitive daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly e-mail messages. This is one hot little program.
...My findings Now, I love this little guy. I mean, if you are using Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange server (like I am), the option of sending an e-mail message at a later date is already available to you. But if you're not, this is one tool you want in your bag of, well, tools. Note that while you're using the trial version, the e-mail messages you send out using SendLater are appended with a little footnote saying something about how your message was sent with SendLater. Yes, you may think this is shameless advertising but remember, you're using this software for free. So get over it. Or purchase the full version.

The Crabby Office Lady, Microsoft, USA

Jun 5, 2011

Yes, I really like the Send Later product. It has come in handy a number of times and has worked well each time. It is really great to schedule to send an e-mail so it arrives at the appropriate time and not too soon.

Douglas Broomfield, USA

May 20, 2011

Our ability to schedule repeating emails went out the window. So I was looking for a simple application that would allow me to do what I had grown accustomed to. We publish an online information service covering the fixed-income markets and I regularly query analysts for specific data. The easiest way to do that is via email that is sent automatically at pre-specified times. SendLater so far appears to be providing me with what I need...
Thanks very much

Orest Mandzy, USA

May 6, 2011

...Reader Shawm Gajria ... writes: "Is there a way to send an e-mail to yourself that can be composed today but delivered several days later on a predetermined date?" Shawm says he'd like to use that method to remind himself about a dentist appointment.
Microsoft Outlook's Task Manager could easily perform this function with a pop-up reminder, but there are other instances in which scheduling an e-mail reminder is appropriate. For instance, birthday greetings to friends or meeting reminders to colleagues that you fear you'll otherwise forget to send as the dates approach.
There are many commercial products that claim to be the perfect solution for this service. I tried two of them.
4Team Corp.'s SendLater adds a tab to the Outlook menu bar that lets you specify the time you'd like the message sent. You can slate recurring messages on a daily, weekly or even annual basis, if you'd like. It's a simple program that does the task, ... Another program, MAPILab's Toolbox, similarly priced at $24, did not work smoothly enough for a solid recommendation...

By PETER GRAD, staff writer,
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Customer Testimonials
Yes, I really like the Send Later product. It has come in handy a number of times and has worked well each time. It is really great to schedule to send an e-mail so it arrives at the appropriate time and not too soon."
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