Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I purchase your software? What delivery options do I have?

You can use your a credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, or check (for US only). All these options are available when you order a product from our website. All software from our website is downloadable, but you can also order the 4Team CD, which contains installation files and documentation and is sent by regular mail.

2. Do you provide a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we do. Send us your NPO statement of exemption by fax and indicate the name of the actual purchaser and his/her email address where we can send the Promo Code that will generate a 15% discount.

3. I've just purchased the program but still don’t have the Activation Code.

We email Activation Codes within 24 hours after the purchase. But on workdays we usually send Activation Codes within 1 hour. Please send us an email or call us if you don't receive it within this period.

4. I have purchased additional licenses, but my new activation code activates the wrong number of licenses now. What should I do?

Please send us an email or call us after the purchase, and we will send you a new Activation Code.

5. I'm not a PC professional. Can I get help to install and tune-up the product?

Yes, you can get a free email and LiveChat Help support in order to install and tune-up the program properly. Please check the Support part of our Online Help.

6. Must I have administrator's privileges in my computer's Windows user account if I want to install Product?

Yes, you need to have Administrator rights to install SendLater.

7. Will I loose all Product data if I reinstall it?


8. How long can I use Free product version?

Free SendLater version doesn’t have time limit. But you can send only 3 delayed email messages at a scheduled time. After that you can no longer schedule emails without purchasing Pro Edition.

9. I send 3 delayed emails and I got the message “You are only allowed to have 3 active e-mails scheduled for sending in this version”. What should I do?

In order to send more delayed messages and use additional features, such as recurrent email sending, you must purchase SendLater Pro Edition.

10. Can I use SendLater with Outlook Express or Windows Mail?

No, SendLater is not compatible with Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

11. What happens if Internet connection is not available when scheduled email suppose to be sent?

Your delayed email will be sent as soon as the Internet connection is available again.

12. How do I update from the previous product version to a new one?

You must uninstall the previous version ( (For Windows xp) go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs (For Windows 7/8/10) go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features)) and download and install the new one.

13. What is the difference between Free and Pro Edition?

Please read Free and Pro Comparision.

14. Does Outlook have to be open in order to resend messages automatically or is it enough to have the computer open?

Adding Exchange or SMTP account from the SendLater Options allows you to send scheduled emails even if you are away from your computer or your Outlook is closed. Learn more here.

15. I received notification that an email was resent automatically even though I had already received a reply to it. What can I do about it?

If a reply is received from one of the recipients of your email and it is deleted or moved before Outlook has been opened then the "re-send" feature won't find this event and will continue resending your email. This can happen if you move or delete the reply using your smartphone or tablet. In order to avoid this you must not move or delete the replies you get before you start Outlook.

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