Resend emails automatically if you don't receive a reply

Use the 'Re-send' feature and get the replies you need in time.

With SendLater, you can have your Microsoft Outlook emails re-sent automatically in case you don't receive a response within your desired time frame. Turn on the “Re-send if nobody responds” option and the email will be re-sent in case it is not replied. The “re-send” feature will help you worry much less about receiving a reply on time - you can set the interval for the repetitive emails.

Note: If Outlook is closed, the 'Re-send' feature does not work by default. In order for SendLater to send messages when Outlook is closed, you will need to add Exchange or SMTP account from SendLater Options in order to keep the setup emails going. Check here.

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Repeat your emails until a reply is received.

SendLater for Microsoft Outlook allows you to set up recurrence for the re-sent emails if they are not replied on time. To re-send emails repeatedly is now easy and needs just a few clicks. Set SendLater to re-send email if a response is not received: choose the interval, set how many times it should be re-sent and that is it. SendLater will repeat emails, that are prepared automatically for re-sending and can be edited if you wish to keep your message slightly different from the previous ones.

Now you no longer need to keep reminders and re-send the same messages again and again. Using the 'Re-send recurrently” feature will save you precious time and energy while allowing you to be flexible and efficient in your communication.

Set recurrence settings to repeat emails until a reply is received.
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