Version History

January 18, 20193.41Major Update

This update improves user experience when sending a delayed email at a custom day or time.

October 19, 20183.39Major Update

The updated version of SendLater will send emails after delay correctly even with the latest Windows October Update.

March 30, 20173.34Major Update

This update includes 2 new features as well as several other updates and fixes. First – when sending recurrent emails users will be able to set path to CSV file and recipients will be loaded from that CSV file automatically. Second - now recurrent “Daily” and “Weekly” emails can be sent on custom times; There are other fixes and updates as well.

Functional Updates

  • SendLater recurrent email recipients loading from the CSV file; This feature comes with an option to send email only if CSV file was modified.
  • Custom times for “Daily” and “Weekly” recurrent emails; Several times can be specified for email to be sent not in the time intervals (e.g. each 4 hours), but on custom times – e.g. 8 AM, 1 PM and 5PM.

Issues Fixed

SendLater Issues:

  • Sometimes SendLater would not start or would crash on first Outlook start after installation.

October 31, 20163.33Major Update

This update includes couple of bug fixes and updated program’s components (Redemption library and Lib4Team) to ensure better performance and stable work with latest Microsoft Outlook without issues.

Issues Fixed:

  • When using default account via IMAP duplicate items were generated in "Sent Items" folder after "SendLater" email was sent;
  • Windows feature from context menu “Send to” > “Mail recipient” would not work.

March 17, 20163.32.0824Major Update

This update includes improvement of the "Use email or Exchange server directly" option so it would work with Exchange accounts available via Exchange Web Services, as well as several other bug fixes.

Issues Fixed:

  • The "Use email or Exchange server directly" option to send emails when Outlook is closed was not working with Exchange accounts that were available to connect to via Exchange Web Services (EWS) such as Office 365 or;
  • When an Exchange account was used, the "End if response received" option for recurrent emails would not work if response was received while Outlook was closed;
  • In Outlook 2003 Inspector view, the SendLater add-in buttons would not appear on the toolbar when the SendLater email was opened;

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