Version History

January 18, 20193.41Major Update

This update improves user experience when sending a delayed email at a custom day or time.

October 19, 20183.39Major Update

The updated version of SendLater will send emails after delay correctly even with the latest Windows October Update.

March 30, 20173.34Major Update

This update includes 2 new features as well as several other updates and fixes. First – when sending recurrent emails users will be able to set path to CSV file and recipients will be loaded from that CSV file automatically. Second - now recurrent “Daily” and “Weekly” emails can be sent on custom times; There are other fixes and updates as well.

Functional Updates

  • SendLater recurrent email recipients loading from the CSV file; This feature comes with an option to send email only if CSV file was modified.
  • Custom times for “Daily” and “Weekly” recurrent emails; Several times can be specified for email to be sent not in the time intervals (e.g. each 4 hours), but on custom times – e.g. 8 AM, 1 PM and 5PM.

Issues Fixed

SendLater Issues:

  • Sometimes SendLater would not start or would crash on first Outlook start after installation.

October 31, 20163.33Major Update

This update includes couple of bug fixes and updated program’s components (Redemption library and Lib4Team) to ensure better performance and stable work with latest Microsoft Outlook without issues.

Issues Fixed:

  • When using default account via IMAP duplicate items were generated in "Sent Items" folder after "SendLater" email was sent;
  • Windows feature from context menu “Send to” > “Mail recipient” would not work.

March 17, 20163.32.0824Major Update

This update includes improvement of the "Use email or Exchange server directly" option so it would work with Exchange accounts available via Exchange Web Services, as well as several other bug fixes.

Issues Fixed:

  • The "Use email or Exchange server directly" option to send emails when Outlook is closed was not working with Exchange accounts that were available to connect to via Exchange Web Services (EWS) such as Office 365 or;
  • When an Exchange account was used, the "End if response received" option for recurrent emails would not work if response was received while Outlook was closed;
  • In Outlook 2003 Inspector view, the SendLater add-in buttons would not appear on the toolbar when the SendLater email was opened;

November 23, 20153.31Major Update

This update is dedicated to make SendLater work on Windows 10 and Microsoft Outlook 2016. A number of issues fixed in addition to that.

Issues Fixed:

  • SendLater.exe was not unloading from memory when Outlook was closed while Lib4team window was showing;
  • The Pro feature "Sending without Outlook" was still active after deactivating SendLater for previously scheduled emails;
  • The "SendLater - Resend Email" window was opened in the right upper corner of the screen on 1024x768 resolution display;
  • The "Online Activation" window was opened instead of the "Free Version Limitation" window in case the Pro feature was selected in "Configuration Wizard";
  • An incorrect date was shown in "Outlook must be running message" if there were email scheduled for sending without the "Send Now" option on;
  • The "Configuration Wizard" window went to "Not Responding" in case going back from the Lib4Team "Product Activation" dialog;
  • The Help button from Resend "At a specific time" dialog opened incorrect web help page;
  • SendLater would not run on Windows 10 in case .NET 3.5 was not installed.

April 1, 20143.30.0808Major Update

This update includes a new feature - SendLater Options Configuration Wizard. This wizard introduces SendLater options step-by-step and makes it easier to configure them. Some important compatibility issues have been fixed. Many other functional and cosmetic bugs were fixed as well.

Functional Updates

  • SendLater Options Configuration Wizard – this wizard starts on the first SendLater run and helps the user to configure SendLater Options step-by-step.
  • IMAP account support - if it is default or the only one configured account.
  • Exchange Active Sync account support – if it is default or the only one configured account.

Issues fixed

  • SendLater was getting disabled because Outlook detected it as a slow loading add-in.
  • On Windows 8 "Re-send for already sent items" was not working.
  • SendLater emails were always sent from the default account even if another account was selected when composing email.
  • SendLater email messages would not be sent immediately in case "Send Now" was clicked if default account was an Exchange account.
  • SendLater buttons were not working if the email compose window was opened by right-clicking on the file menu command "Send to".
  • "Message Options" such as "Importance", "Sensitivity" were not applied to email messages when sending via email server directly.
  • The notification about the "Re-send" email sending was not removed from the system tray area even though the reply was received and the email was no longer scheduled to be sent.
  • The Add-in was not loading in case it was previously disabled and enabled from Outlook.
  • Some cosmetic user interface issues fixed.

July 4, 20133.20.0754Major Update

This update includes new features, such as tray icon menu and balloon notifications about SendLater emails to be sent soon, re-sending of already sent emails and, re-sending of email for a number of times, and Exchange account support for emails to be sent without Outlook running. The product has also been adjusted to the latest Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 versions.

Functional Updates

  • Exchange account support for emails to be sent without Outlook running*.
  • Tray icon menu and balloon notifications about SendLater emails to be sent soon. Now you receive the tray balloon notification 15 minutes before sending out the email. Clicking on the balloon opens that email, so you can edit it or change the SendLater options;
  • Re-sending of already sent emails. The re-send functionality is now available from the SendLater toolbar in the “Sent Items” Outlook folder.
  • Re-sending email for a number of times. Re-sending email at specified intervals has a new option from the “Re-Send” drop-down menu. In case it is enabled, the email will be re-sent a specified number of times;
  • SendLater toolbar for Outlook 2013 in the opened item dialog. The additional Outlook 2013 toolbar has been added to have an easy access to all SendLater features; the “Cancel” button has been added for convenient cancelation of SendLater email sending;
  • Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 (32-bit only) support;
  • An option to specify email addresses that would be added to recipients automatically for all SendLater emails added.

  • * Available in Pro Edition only.

Issues fixed

  • 64-bit Outlook is now detected and installation is not continued on such systems (including the “Click-to-run” version);
  • You could create a DocTrack email without any linked documents – the message box is now shown;
  • The toolbar buttons were not disabled in the SendLater folder even if no email was scheduled or selected;
  • The flag column has been removed from the SendLater folder view, because SendLater emails or any other editable Outlook emails cannot be flagged;
  • Modifications of SendLater email settings would be not saved if at that point the email was showing in the reading pane;
  • After setting up a recurrent email with an “End date” and opening it to edit SendLater settings, the recurrence settings changed from "End date" to "End after X occurrences";
  • SendLater temporary emails would not be deleted from “Deleted Items” when using the Exchange account;
  • The DocTrack “End date” last day was not included in the time interval;
  • A message box is now shown in case the recurrent email “End date” is set for a newer date than the Start date;
  • In some cases the SendLater email would stay in Outbox;
  • Outlook with Exchange account would hang for some time in case the SendLater button was clicked when Send/Receive was running;
  • Application would become unresponsive for up to 30 seconds when creating a notification email in the Exchange Inbox.

September 18, 20123.10Major Update

This new version includes new features, such as automatic e-mail re-sending if no response is received and additional option in recurrence settings to end the recurrence if a response is received. This update also includes some issue fixes.

Functional updates:

  • Re-send your e-mails if no responses are received. Now you can set the option to automatically re-send your e-mail message to the recipient if no answer was received to your e-mail. The re-send button has been added to the e-mail message toolbar to set the time when the e-mail should be re-sent*.
  • Repeat your e-mails until a response is received**. Additional option for recurrence settings has been added to end the recurrent sending if a response is received from the recipient.
  • Get notifications about your sent and re-sent e-mails**. Keep track of the automatic e-mails sent. Now you have an option to receive the status messages into your Inbox folder, that inform you about recently sent or re-sent e-mail.
  • New updated toolbar. New icon for “Send Later” button is now used. New “Re-send” button has been added with the list of pre-defined duration to choose from.
  • * Limited to maximum 4 hours in Free edition. ** Available in Pro edition only.

Issues fixed:

  • The “Send Now” button in the “SendLater” folder would not send e-mail immediately, but according to previous settings.
  • Issues with distribution lists not being resolved for separate recipients when used with the “Send Personally” option fixed.
  • Information about each attachment size was not recalculated in the “DocTrack” settings dialog.

December 22, 20113.00Major Update

This new version offers free edition for users with a need for some basic e-mail scheduling functionality. All other features are now offered in the Pro version of the product. The toolbar with the SendLater button is improved in this version along with other bug fixes.

Functional updates:

  • Free product edition. The basic functionality to schedule e-mail sending at a selected time interval is now available in the free product edition.
  • Simplified and improved interface. You can now schedule e-mail with only one click of a button on the toolbar.
  • Scheduled e-mail settings are now linked with the standard Outlook Message Options dialog.

Issues fixed:

  • The wizard dialog would close unexpectedly in some scenarios when going back and forth between the Wizard steps.
  • There was no XP style in dialogs on some systems.
  • When using the “Send now” button, the e-mail would not send immediately in some cases.
  • In some scenarios changed documents would not be sent the selected number of occurrences when using the “DocTrack” feature.


  • Trial will be converted to free product version.

July 22, 20112.30Major Update

This new version introduces a small functional update that allows skipping weekends from daily recurrence, as well as several other fixes.

Functional updates:

  • The ability to use work days only when using the “every several days” option in daily recurrence has been added to the Wizard.

Issues fixed:

  • New files copied from another location with old modification time would not be sent automatically when using the “DocTrack” option to send modified files only.
  • Outlook Preview Pane was not disabled on Outlook 2007 and 2010, failing to show additional information about the e-mails prepared for sending in the SendLater folder.
  • Images inserted into the message text were received as attached files by recipients when being sent from Outlook 2010.
  • Interfaces style has been improved for Outlook 2007 and 2010.
  • Some interface texts were updated to more informative ones.

February 21, 20031.00Major Update


First product version has been released.


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